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    Meet colleagues from the field during the 36th Annual EAIR Forum. More

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Who we are

EAIR, The European Association for Institutional Research, is a unique international association for higher education researchers, practitioners, managers and policy-makers. Read more

37th Annual EAIR Forum Krems 2015

From here to there: Positioning Higher Education institutions

We are delighted that the Danube University Krems, Austria is organising next year’s EAIR Annual Forum. They are welcoming a vibrant community of higher education practitioners, policy-makers and researchers to their city. The 37th Annual EAIR Krems Forum will be held from 30 August till 2 September 2015. Read more


The question is clear, a tad facetious, and always current; the answer is nothing short of a challenge. After 36 years of existence, some organizations are long in the tooth, others find ways to constantly re-invent themselves. EAIR is not immune to the question: If EAIR did not exist, what difference would it make to members, non-members, and other stakeholders?  What we know for sure is that a company that does not cater products or services tailored to its customers is doomed to self-inflicted euthanasia. A little bit of fear is rarely a bad motivator. What we also know is that the field of knowledge and learning is neither entirely similar to nor different from private enterprise. We, as a community, have been gullible at times, hanging our hats on fads imported from the private sector that had little traction in educational institutions (think of TQM and re-engineering as examples). Read more