EAIR, The European Association for Institutional Research, is a unique
international association for higher education researchers, practitioners,
managers and policy-makers.

EAIR has established itself since its inception in 1979 as an association of experts and
professionals interested in the relationship between research, policy and practice in higher
education. EAIR has developed from its roots as a European version of the US-based Association
for Institutional Research (AIR), widening its sphere of interest to policy at all levels, institutional,
national and international. In 1989 EAIR became an independent membership organisation.
Although the initials refer to institutional research, EAIR formally added ‘The European Higher
Education Society
’ to its logo and then appended the strap-line ‘Linking Research, Policy
and Practice
’. This reflects the direction that EAIR has taken: it crosses boundaries between
types of activities and seeks a mix of researchers, lecturers, administrators, managers and policy-
makers. Crossing boundaries means sharing best policy and management practices, learning from
peers and exchanging and reflecting upon research findings. At the same time, we actively seek
partnerships with like-minded organisations and associations.

Over the years EAIR has expanded considerably and currently has nearly 400 members from 50 different countries all over the world, including Africa, South America, Asia and Australasia.
EAIR members are working in universities, polytechnics and other higher education institutions,
primarily but not exclusively in Europe - either in university administration, or in academic
departments with particular research interests in management issues. EAIR is also of relevance to
policy makers in governmental ministries and policy units.

EAIR holds its annual Forum in August or September. EAIR publishes a journal 'Tertiary Education and Management' (TEAM) and a Monograph Series 'Research, Policy and Practice in Higher

The EAIR Secretariat is located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Browse this website to find out about EAIR, the benefits of becoming a member, when and where activities take place, how to communicate with colleagues within the field of higher education and do not hesitate to contact the EAIR Secretariat whenever you need more information.

Executive Manager
Gerlof Groenewoud

Lina Suratin

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